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Peregrin provides unqiue cutting-edge tools to help you master your market and capture more customers.

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The Peregrin ROI is inarguable.

Peregrin is a game-changer for brick and mortar businesses. You’ll get the tools you need to collect contacts faster and engage customers more effectively. And you’ll also get results you can see for yourself. You’ll then see why we’re the most trusted, most loved marketing solution for offline businesses.

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5x faster customer data collection

Time to ditch the fishbowl - with Peregrin, businesses collect customer contact info 5x faster than traditional methods.


65% faster business growth

Customers who sign on to Peregrin WiFi visit 65% more than those who don’t. That’s loyalty you can see.

Benchmark against your market

Peregrin provides a local analytics suite that allows you benchmark your growth against your competitors.


10% improvement in customer ratings

Merchants have experienced up to 10% increases in positive reviews within 30 days. Now that’s a boost to your reputation.

Know your market with real-time local data dashboards.

Peregrin gives you a full suite of local market data tools that help you see where your business stands and discover new trends.

  • Get local foot traffic & surge alerts

    Automatically monitor your competitors with live local dashboards, new opening notifications, and automatic surge alerts.

  • Discover local marketing trends

    Peregrin identifies successful social media posts and marketing promotions from your competition so you can be inspired.

  • Benchmark your business

    With customer reviews, social media analysis, and multiple other data points, Peregrin produces instant performance scoring for your business.

It all starts with Wifi


  1. 1

    5 minute setup.

    We will send you a Peregrin access point and your customers will get instant access to free, fast, and secure WiFi.

  2. 2

    The right message at the right time

    With our automated campaign tools, your marketing is personalized to each individual customer down to their behavior, demographics, and more.

  3. 3

    Success you can see.

    We show you exactly how well your marketing is working by calculating your Walk-Through-Rate™ - how many customers respond to your messages by physically walking through your doors.

  4. 4

    Get direct feedback and take control of your reputation.

    You can tell satisfied customers which popular review sites matter most to you while interacting personally with any unhappy customers before they post bad reviews.

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